August 31 - Russ Haas Memorial Show

Bo Dupp and Pete Gas lost in a three way match up.

August 24 - WWA

Otto Schwanz and Slick Rick Converse defeated Spank and The Lumbee Warrior

August 17 - CWF

Otto Schwanz defeated Dewey Cheatum

August 14 - NWA TNA

Bo Dupp lost to Tito the midget in a Dupp Cup Match.

August 7 - NWA TNA

Bo Dupp defeated Ed Ferrara for a night with Fluff Dupp in the Dupp Cup.

July 24 - NWA TNA

Bo Dupp lost to Ian Harrison via DQ after a run in by Stan

July 20 - CWF

Otto and Corey Edsel were defeated by Mikel Yamaha and Madd Maxx when Corey Edsel was pinned by Yamaha.

July 17 - NWA TNA

The Dupps do a run-in on the Flying Elvises vs Elix Skipper & Christopher Daniels. Bo, Stan, and Fluff take turns hitting Estrada in the head with boards.

July 13 - WFA

Otto was defeated by Malaki

July 10 - NWA TNA

Dupps were defeated by the Flying Elvises when Estrada pinned Stan.